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Conductive Matting

Voltage is produced whenever two materials come into contact or rub against each other and then quickly separate. The resulting equal and opposite charges affect the surfaces of both materials. Metals, plastics and humans all develop charges in this manner. These charges can have devastating effects.

Conductive Matting is designed to dissipate electrostatic charges when properly grounded.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can affect electronic equipment causing acute problems in computer systems, telecommunications, guidance systems, conveyor lines and medical equipment.

There are two major areas of interest in ESD and its control:

1. Packing/Storage: Packaging, shipment and storage of electrical components may have a static charge buildup. The eventual discharge of the electrical charge can cause polarization of the part, rendering it useless or causing it to fail during service.

2. Operating/Work Conditions: Static buildup on individuals working in production areas, computer operations, surgical operating rooms or military defense facilities can cause damage to components, with accompanying failures and physical hazards in critical environments.

• Meets ASTM D-2000 & MIL-R-3065
• Tested in accordance with RMA/RAC 808
• Max, 50,000 ohms

Description Polymer Part# Stock Size 8 Week Delivery Size
Corrugated Conductive Matting

Highly Conductive Neoprene


Neo-1/8" x 36" x 100' Neo-3/16" x 36" x 50' Neo-1/4" x 36" x 50'
Smooth Conductive Sheeting Highly Conductive Neoprene 5085S Neo-1/8" x 36" x 100' Neo-3/16" x 36" x 50' Neo-1/4" x 36" x 50'
Max. Pieces/Roll     2 1 1
*Note: 24" and 48" widths available - special order.